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  • Pre-Kindergarten Crafts
  • Pre-Kindergarten Language
  • Pre-Kindergarten Mathematics
  • Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Generic Novel Study
  • Speech Writing
  • Short Vowels
  • Beginning Blends (2 Letter)

     The Background

    A missed opportunity can truly be one of life's great sorrows. Whether it is being given the chance to pursue an exciting new career or perhaps to experience something you have always dreamed of doing, allowing the moment to pass can be a source of regret for years to come. Far worse, though, is being presented with the opportunity to teach your child important skills and not acting on it. A child's future potential as well as self-esteem can be at stake if she/he is not immersed in the nurturing surroundings necessary to flourish.

    Catherine O'Hara, as a career educator, had worked for years with children who began their school career at various stages of development. A disturbing pattern became evident; the drastic difference between levels of knowledge and skills attained in the home environment within the same group became a serious stumbling block for those on the low end of the scale. When placed in a classroom with twenty-five or more other students, the inevitable result of a pupil not being as advanced as their peers was feelings of inadequacy and an unwillingness to admit their lack of understanding which, of course, compounded the problem.

    The children on the other end of the scale, unfettered by this constant pressure, felt a sense of belonging and achievement, both crucial elements in building a strong foundation of self-esteem. The far-reaching ramifications of these feelings of self-worth and happiness have an enormous impact on healthy growth in all areas, and cannot be over-stressed during the initial formative years.

    After the birth of her first child, Catherine was determined to give her daughter every advantage possible so she would be well prepared for her debut at school. While there was a great deal of information available, emphasizing the importance of a stimulating pre-school home environment, Catherine found no actual instructions on how to achieve this atmosphere. With the help of her two friends, Beth Ball and Elizabeth Farrar, who are also parents and professional educators, the concept for a series of guides covering mathematics, crafts, and language development became a reality.

    This was the birth of our company, Leaps and Bounds Education Consultants. We have continued to write manuals for parents, teachers and students in many areas of study. Our manuals are written in a clear, step-by-step approach that will lead the learner through skill acquisition.

     The Creators

    Elizabeth Farrar

    Elizabeth spent her young life in Trenton, Ontario with her parents, sister and brother. Her high school education took place in Trenton and Kingston, Ontario. After completing grade 13, Elizabeth attended Peterborough Teachers' College and then Queen's University where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and English Literature. Elizabeth's career spanned 33 years teaching grades 1 - 8 and enjoying the work in all grade levels.

    Elizabeth has a son, Derald. He is a sound technician with the Canadian musical group, The Headstones and when not travelling he works in Toronto and Vancouver creating movie sets.

    As a writer, Elizabeth has had several articles accepted for publication in professional journals. She belongs to Writers' Workshop, a group that supports and critiques members' work.

    As an artist, she works in pencil and pastels with a Life Drawing Group and is a graduate of Sir Sanford Fleming College in the Artist Blacksmith programme. She is presently setting up her shop north of Sharbot Lake, Ont.

    Beth Ball

    Beth spent her childhood in a small, rural community with a close - knit family - her parents, a sister and two brothers. She married her high school sweetheart and they have four wonderful children. They enjoyed outdoor experiences with their young family - camping, fishing, skiing and continue to enjoy these activities with their precious grandchildren.

    She is a graduate of Ottawa Teachers' College and Queen's University, Kingston, ON. Her degree is in Religion and Music. In a teaching career that continued for 31 years, Beth taught all elementary grades K - 8 in a variety of settings which included a one - room rural school with five grades, single grades, split grades and team-teaching situations.

    Today, Beth continues her interest in the outdoors through gardening, swimming, skiing. She enjoys pottery and is looking forward to continuing her love of music by studying the piano. As well, she is a volunteer in her daughter's elementary classroom that keeps her updated with the current processes in education.

    Catherine O'Hara

    Catherine, the youngest of five daughters, lived with her family in Kingston, Ontario. She attended Sir Wilfred Laurier University where she graduated in Archeology and Anthropology. She then received her B. Ed. from Queen's University.

    Catherine has a young daughter, Jacoba who enjoys singing and performing with her father Michael George. As a family they spent their time on Wolfe Island enjoying the outdoors or in Kingston enjoying the parks and visiting friends.

    Catherine taught for the Limestone Board of Education. Her teaching experience included primary, junior and special needs classes. Catherine had a unique teaching style that involved creative and intensive involvement in the learning process.

     The Committment

    We provide classroom-tested, step-by-step lessons that are clear, easy to follow and are based on years of teaching experience. Leaps and Bounds Educational Consultants are committed to delivering quality education into the hands of parents, teachers and students alike.


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