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  • Pre-Kindergarten Crafts
  • Pre-Kindergarten Language
  • Pre-Kindergarten Mathematics
  • Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Generic Novel Study
  • Speech Writing
  • Short Vowels
  • Beginning Blends (2 Letter)

     Frequently Asked Questions

    Access Information
    Why publish a manual in PDF format?
    The PDF (Portable Document Format) format is the industry standard method of sharing electronic documents intended for print. The software required to open and read documents in this format is called Adobe Reader and is downloadable for free at any time.
    How do I install Adobe Reader 6.0?
    To download Adobe Reader go here:
    Do I need to be online to read my Leaps and Bounds manuals?
    No - Once the manual in PDF format is saved to your computer you can use the document as if it were any other file in your computer.
    How do I order Leaps and Bounds manuals?
    Go to and make your selections
    Can I make a purchase without a Pay Pal account?
    Yes - We also accept a cheque or money order but this will increase the amount of time before the manuals will be available to you.
    How do I download my manual(s)?
    After a purchase has been made you will receive an email with a special web site address to go to for downloading. All instructions will be provided in this e-mail along with an invoice for your purchase.
    How long will it take to download a manual?
    If you have a broadband Internet connection then downloading will take no longer than a minute. Over dial-up connections they make take up to 10 minutes to download.

    Distribution Information

    Can I email a manual to a friend?
    No - The Leaps and Bounds manuals are sold as licensed documents. You MUST have a licence to hold or use a copy of any manuals.
    Can I print pages from my manual?
    Yes - You may print the manual from any computer as long as the printed material remains in your possession. Teachers may distribute these printed pages to their students.
    Can I photocopy the manuals for use in my classroom?
    Yes - After you print any manuals you may distribute photocopies of these printed pages to your students.
    Can I view my manual from multiple computers?
    Yes - The license for these electronic documents allows you to use these manuals from any computer for your personal use. You may not make them available to others by leaving them on public computers or public networks.
    Can I download a manual and copy it to CD?
    Yes - You may make personal backups. You cannot redistribute the copied media to any other third party.
    What happens to my manual if I get a new computer?
    If you have made a backup of your manual then you can retrieve it without help from Leaps and Bounds. In the event of a lost manual you may contact us at
    What happens if I lose my PDF or my computer crashes?
    In the event of a lost manual you may contact us at

    Compilation Information

    Can I cut and paste text from my manual into another document?
    No - The manuals are provided as a complete set. No part(s) may be removed or mixed with other documents. Each lesson was carefully planned to fit together in the format provided.
    Can I change parts of the lessons to suit my students' needs?
    Yes - You may choose to verbally instruct your students in a more fitting approach as long as the content, formatting, and layout of the manuals remains intact.
    Will it be necessary for the material to be revised in the future and therefore require a new purchase?
    No - All of our manuals have been thoroughly researched and field tested. As a result, these manuals are complete as they are provided.


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